To make Dubstep music or Drum and Bass like the big name DJ’s, you need the best Dubstep production tools, most suited to your production style. But what exactly is the best program to produce Dubstep tracks? There is no secret of the methods employed by the biggest Dubstep DJs like Plastician Benga, Skream, Digital Mystiks, whom are all utilizing relatively inexpensive sequencing programs/software as: Logic Pro and Reason. If you are someone who is new to music production and beat-making, you really should get Dubturbo. Here is a quick summary of these Dubstep programs:



Dubturbo is for those who want to get started in Dubstep production and is available as an immediate software download. This is great if you don’t have any previous experience with sequencing software. For such a small price, the program is incredibly capable. This platform is perfect the grasp the fundamentals of drum programming and is suitable for all genres. The sounds and samples are all very high quality and finished tracks can be exported “bounced” as MP3s. This is essentially the same as the other programs that are more expensive, though is much easier to use. The greatest point of this software is you can download it right now and start producing beats now.







  • COST: $39.95 US

  • Immediate Download of Software

  • Most User Friendly Application

  • Additional Plugins Can Be Added

  • Compatible With PC and Mac

  • There Is No Expensive Hardware Needed






A large portion of professional producers and DJ’s are engaging Logic Studio for Mac, and is essentially, the most commonly utilizeDubstep engineering application. An highly capable program, out of the box it is loaded with an array of high quality sounds, instruments, samples and loops. There is no expensive hardware required to write, record, mix and master radio-ready tracks. However, Logic is compatible with all common hardware and any midi controller. If you want to learn more about making dubstep with Logic Studio, have a look at OUR VIDEOS.









  • COST: $399.00 US – £339.00 UK

  • Original Box Shipped From

  • Mac Only Professional Application

  • Write, Record, Mix, Master & Export With One Platform

  • Several Instruments, Samples, Plugins & Effects Included




Propellerhead Reason 5 is the PC and Mac compatible alternative to Logic and is perhaps more powerful in it’s diversity, though is not as compatible as Logic is with other instruments and hardware. However, until Logic Studio was released, reason was the first choice for Dubstep producers, though still comes in a close second. Logic is better for mixing and masering a release quality song, though overall Reason is still proficient. The big name producers with very expensive studios still use Reason to tweak particular elements of Dubstep Tracks, like the LFO for example. Reason 5 comes full of great drum samples, vocoders, sythns and instruments. Overall, still a very powerful software to produce Dubstep and Drum and Bass. To see Reason in action, view OUR VIDEOS.












  • COST: $299.00 US | £249.00 UK

  • Original Box Shipped From

  • Compatible With Mac & PC

  • Great Synths, Drum Samples & Effects Included

  • Additional Plugins Available