So many people are asking questions in relation to what software application should be engaged as a Dubstep making platform. We are all past the point of using hardware type instruments in order to produce Dubstep music. So, when we consulted a Dubstep DJ (who is also a very skilled all-round music producer) to find out what kind of programs that the professionals use, we discovered the following:

Where you at?

So the first factor that we wish to address, is your amount of previous experience. It is now common knowledge that someone who is not a skilled engineer or producer, should get started with Dubturbo.  Those with previous beat sequencing experience with other (obsolete) entry level applicants such as Fruity Loops, really need to take the professional step to use Logic Studio. If you cannot afford Logic, which is Mac only (any serious studio uses Mac) then Ableton Live is the second choice. So lets have a closer look.


Option 1:  Dubturbo

This application is amazing for beginners to intermediates, especially due to the ease of use. Usually priced at around $200.00, lately it has been on sale for $29.95.  This is an amazing price when considering how expensive the other programs are.

The best thing here is that you can download a registered version of the program immediately, and not have to wait for a package to be shipped to your door.

Download plenty of additional sounds, loops and plug-ins, as easily as you got the application itself.  Then, simply export your tracks as high quality MP3s, the same way you do with the other programs and listen to them anywhere you want.

This is a highly recommended software to create dubstep and other beats at home. There is no additional hardware needed and almost any computer will run it.




Option 2: Logic Pro


Successful DJs like Skream (for example) started with FL studio, though this was prior to Dubturbo.  Now, he and others are using Logic Pro.

The major issue that people find with Logic, is the fact that it is Mac only, though is a very powerful application for those who can use it.

Not only is it great for sequencing beats, this is a fully capable studio application which is suitable for recording live vocals and instruments.

The amazing sounds that come with the package and the standard mastering suite, means you can record produce and record any genre  of music, from start to finish.

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* A good place to purchase Ableton and Logic is via

Option 3: Ableton Live

It is argued that Ableton is a professional choice for creating Dubstep music. Though aside from some websites offering ridiculously expensive courses and tutorials for making dubstep with this program, the others, including Reason 5 (see

the home page) is a much better choice. These tips can be found for free in the videos section of this site.

So ok, we are not great advocates of Ableton, however some awesome tracks have been crafted using it, so if that isn’t motivation enough, I don’t know what is.